Designed and produced the interactive component of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), and facilitated the global health track. CGI regularly brings the top 1,000 leaders in a wide range of government and private sector activities to brainstorm and commit to actions in addressing major world problems.

You are an extremely talented facilitator. It’s hard for me to see how we could have pulled off the working sessions without the benefit of your skills. At least as important is my sense that you bring to your work a real passion for the issues that you effectively highlight. I have always believed that such dedication makes a meaningful difference in the way people open themselves up to new challenges and opportunities.

Chris Jennings, Director of the Global Health Track, Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential Campaign Health-Care Advisor

Designed and produced a highly-interactive, three-hour opening session of the 2005 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that brought together 650 top leaders in the world to agree on the highest-priority issues facing leaders on the planet.

Designed and facilitated Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Initiative, a 10-day program that brought together hundreds of health-care professionals to examine alternative approaches for making fundamental change in health care paradigms.

Thank you so much for my Urban Zen’s panel participation. Your facilitation was superb, and I felt entirely safe under your guidance, and was, in fact, able to do my very best because of it.

Cynthia Burke, Urban Zen Panelist

Designed, produced, and facilitated Deepak Chopra’s Alliance for the New Humanity, which brought together over 500 people from around the world to examine and commit to strategies to achieve transformation within the world.

Daniel is extraordinary in his capacity to bring compassionate dialogue to the major issues facing humanity. I am very grateful for all the help he has given me in organizing one of the most important events in my career.

Deepak Chopra, Teacher, Speaker, Author

Facilitated a two-year collaboration between the American Public Health Association and two schools of public health to design strategies for integrating human health, animal health, and environmental health professionals in addressing public health and food security issues at global, national, and community levels.

Conducted organizational assessment and facilitated organizational change for the training unit of Booz Allen Hamilton, which involved a major restructuring and culture change initiative. Within a year, this unit was rated as the #1 training unit in the country by Training Magazine.

Facilitated the visioning and planning for the successful introduction of high speed rail (Acela) into the NE corridor of the country for Amtrak.

Conducted strategic planning with a variety of colleges and universities including: University of Maryland, Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin, and Colorado College.

When I first became Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University, I had Daniel work with me to go in and actually talk to the entire college, individually and in groups, to share with him what they hoped I, as the new dean, would do.

He then helped design and plan a whole strategy of visioning so we had the full college involved, all actively engaged. It was the first time it’s ever been done in that college, and it was enormously successful. We were able to work with what the faculty and staff hoped would come out of my leadership role, rather than me coming in and dictating to them. It was enormously successful – they still talk about it. It set the pathway for the next ten years of activities in that college.

Lonnie King, Center Director, Centers for Disease Control

Provided coaching and team-building services for variety of departments, services, and other units at Mount Sinai Medical Center and New York University Medical Center, including departments of radiology, neurosurgery, child life, information technology.

Coached numerous managers within Gillette Corporation to enable them to effectively lead teams throughout the world.

Conducted strategic planning with the National Science Board – the body of the top scientists and engineers in the United States who collectively advise the President on science policy.

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