The Alliance for the New Humanity is an organization dedicated to bringing together leaders from many organizations globally that are dedicated to transformation of consciousness throughout the planet. These are people in the fields of spirituality, education, environment, health, the arts, and many others.

Having conducted two very inspiring conferences for the Alliance, I was still not satisfied that they were achieving their full potential for prompting concerted action on the part of the participants. I’d been told about Daniel Stone and his ability to create highly interactive conferences focusing on genuine action and change. I met with him, and was immediately convinced he could help shape and facilitate our third conference to that end.

I was not disappointed! Almost 500 people converged on Costa Rica from every continent for an extraordinary event. Prompted by the inspiring talks and examples of outstanding contributors in the field of consciousness, Daniel ensured that every single individual at the conference was engaged fully in the process. By the end, they had committed themselves to follow-on action.

And most important, in the days and months following the conference these commitments were actually fulfilled.

Daniel is extraordinary in his capacity to bring compassionate dialogue to the major issues facing humanity. I am very grateful for all the help he has given me in organizing one of the most important events in my career.

– Deepak Chopra, Author, Speaker, Teacher

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